Pannonhalma Stelvio Project

Pannonhalma Stelvio Project:

In the following 3 years we were dealing with reinforcing our team and organizing more and more popular competitions.The support of Stelvio cycling shop gave us the final power so the strong could continue its work as Pannonhalma Stelvio Project. Our long-term plans are huge.

With our supporters and the leaders of the city we would like to create one of the most stable bastions of Hungarian cycling in Pannonhalma. Using the great facilities of the city and the area we would like to organize possibilities for competitions in Road,MTB and in Cyclecross, and arrange some trip possibiliti to the sportmens and for hum are intrested in sports.


Our further plan is to teach youngsters this hard but beautful sport. Around the world cycling is the most popular sport. We want our next generations accnowledged internationally.